Guest Stay Policy and House Rules of Diamond Residence

Dear Guests!

Thank You for trusting us by choosing one of our apartments for your stay.

To avoid any misunderstanding and for your stay to be pleasant, please read the following house rules. By booking with us you agree to these rules and to adhere to them. Breaking any of these rules can be subject to the cancellation of your reservation, in which case the full amount is to be paid whether or not the guest has stayed for the full duration.

The guests are allowed to check-in from 15:00 on the arrival day and must check out by 10:00 on the departure day. Depending on the apartment’s reservations there is a possibility for earlier check-ins and later check-outs for an extra fee. For requests like this please contact the guest manager.

The guest manager is available to the guests for the whole stay and provides any information or help the guests may need. For any problems or complaints please contact our guest manager directly.

The host is not required to provide cleaning for the guests’ stay, this can be requested for an additional fee. The guest is responsible for the proper use of the apartment, and should not make it any more unclean than necessary by normal use, otherwise, the host reserves the right to bill the guest for additional cleaning fees.

For longer reservations, the host supplies new towels and beddings every seven days for free. The host is not required to provide any additional beddings, towels, kitchen cloths, toilet papers, cleaning supplies, deckchairs, or sunshades for the guest.

The guests are required to care for the safety of their own personal belongings and valuables. The host can’t be held accountable for the loss of these items. We recommend locking every door and window and taking these items with you when leaving the apartment, and locking the main door from the inside when residing in the apartment.

The host does not have the right to enter the apartment when the guest is not present, except in the case when the host becomes aware directly or indirectly of any damages. In this case, the host notifies the guest through the provided contact. If the host assumes that the guest or any of their company is breaking the house rules, the guest is required to let in the host or any of their personnel to assess the situation.

All pets are disallowed to enter our apartments. Breaking this rule allows the host to cancel the reservation.

The guest is financially responsible for the non-proper use or the displacing of any of the furniture or items in the apartments. We ask our guests not to move the furniture from their original place.

The guest must turn off every lamp, airconditioning, cooktops, stoves, and all-electric items and shut off the gas and water when leaving the apartment. Furthermore, we would like to ask our guests to turn off the airconditioning and heating when temporarily or indefinitely leaving the accommodation. Disposing of any diapers, waste, cosmetic tissues, sanitary tissues, or feminine hygiene products through the toilet is prohibited. Otherwise, the resulting damages will be charged from the guest.

It is strictly prohibited to invite anyone, not on the reservation’s guest list. Otherwise, the host has the right to immediately terminate the reservation. People not on the reservation’s guest list can only enter the accommodation when this is communicated and agreed to by the host.

The guest is solely financially responsible for the apartment they booked and are staying at. The guest must compensate the host for the full amount of any damages that occurred. If the guest fails to do so the host has the right to involve the local authorities and hand over the guest’s personal information.

The host has the right to collect a deposit from the guest when handing over the apartment, which will be returned to them at the end of their stay if the apartment is in the same condition as when the guest arrived.

Adhering to the local laws smoking is prohibited in the apartment. Thank you for your understanding.

We assume that the guest understands and agrees with these rules and responsibilities when checking in our accommodation. Any issue that cannot be solved between the guest and the host may require the involvement of the Budapest Police Department or the district’s court of justice. Any complaints or claims can only be handled or considered if communicated to the host during the guest’s stay.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

The Diamond Residence Team